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Tate Langdon ([personal profile] go_away) wrote2016-07-03 10:26 am
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who: Tate Langdon
what: shithead teenager and ( spoiler ) mass spree murderer, also ghost but otherwise he's quite charming
where: American Horror Story
when: died 1994; canon circa 2011
why: because I apparently don't suffer enough in my daily life

musebox: [community profile] herbgarden
canons & AUs: 17 in canon; no AUs as of yet
can be played present day and will have a huge culture gap (teach Tate about iphones and pirate bay!!)
games: homeless

contact: [personal profile] badkarma, PM, jailbirds on plurk
timezone: US Eastern Standard
4th wall: not interested
backtagging: ok
threadjacking: wouldn't advise it
smut: anything leading up to official smut is fine
offensive subjects: /SHRUG surprise surprise I'm pretty hard to upset so I'll most likely roll with anything (I have no real triggers so don't worry about that too much!)

hugging: yeah
kiss: sure
flirt: please
fight: bring it
injure: fun fact THIS IS POSSIBLE IF HE IS VISIBLE and I am 100% fine with it
kinks: not listing any as I don't plan on random sexual encounters so PM me to discuss prefs and clear ideas by me